Sun City Line Dance Club

Sun City, Arizona

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What is "Line Dancing"?

Line dancing is "A scripted dance using a range of American/Latin techniques which may be danced individually or as part of a group".

Line dances have been written for a huge range of different and indeed diverse types of music. While line dancing has its roots planted in Country and Western, line dance today has evolved to include a wide variety of different dance styles and music. Whether it be Cuban, pop rock or funk, if it has a beat, we'll dance to it!

So, Why Line Dance?

It's a well know fact that exercise is good for you. It can increase your life-span, improve muscle tone and co-ordination, increases your energy levels and memory skills, reduces stress levels and it makes you feel good to boot!

Line dancing has the added advantage of being a very fun and social form of exercise, allowing you to meet people and make new friends while exercising. It's suitable for all ages and for all members of the family too. Another advantage of line dancing is that you don't need a dance partner. You could say that at a line dance you're dancing with everybody! It's OK to go to a line dance and just dance on your own, but you will often end up chatting with some of the like-minded people you'll meet there.

Come dance with us!

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