Sun City Line Dance Club

Sun City, Arizona

Sarah Mardell

Sarah Mardell


I'm a lifelong Minnesota resident, who after years of visiting, finally moved to Sun City and became an Arizona resident. Line Dancing Club is my favorite activity in Sun City, and I'm happy to be contributing to our Line Dance Club as an officer. Dancing is a wonderful active lifetime sport, and it helps keep one's memory sharp! Not only do Line Dance Club sessions stimulate and energize, but they also relax and elevate one's mood by stimulating the production of endorphins. After years of practicing law, I've learned Line Dancing is a great way to de-stress. There is no pressure and Line Dancers are friendly. It's a social way to learn something new, get good aerobic exercise, maintain balance and coordination, and enjoy a variety of upbeat music. Join us and pump up some endorphins while moving to the beat of the music!

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